.ISO files do not show up in the Media list

I recently got a WD Live Plus HD media player as a Christmas present to replace the HTPC in my living room…  So far, I love it!!!  But… I am having an issue with some of the files that are stored on my drive.  I have used DVD Decrypter to make backup copies of some of my DVD’s.  I used the ISO read function in Decrypter to create the file.  The ISO files do not show up as a playable option in the video menu of the player.  In order to be able to play them, I have to go to the file management section and play them from there…  I realize that I am a noob here and may have missed reading something in either the manual or the forum, but I would really like to have ALL of the videos available in one location…


When you are looking at videos, my understanding is with the media player setting it is looking for a stream from another media player.  When you use the file share option it is simply looking at a file.   I play .iso files all day long with the file share option.   Hope this helps

As the previous poster said use network shares and you will be able to play your .iso. If you use a media server it may be that it cannot serve .iso files.