ISO files are not saved in video_resume_point_table

I notice that MKV, MP4 files are saved in video_resume_point_table but DVD ISO files are not, when I stop the video during playing.

Can someone confirm if it’s a known issue?

Many Thanks!

For USB files, or files via NAS?


  • confirm [iso does not  “remember”]

  • but would check again [via usb&nas] because once as I remember has been shocked it did [remembered] - but must have missed the format file then and forgot what it was … let me check again…if you insist.




It’s via NAS.

I have 2 Zyxel NAS and they will not update this table either. Check the account logging on to the NAS and make sure it has read/write rights. Maybe your NAS will allow the update. cj

On a local USB drive, the WD TV Live Plus remembers the place on an ISO with no issue. If it doesn’t remember on your NAS, it is because you don’t have write permissions set. In order to remember the position on the ISO, the WD TV Live Plus must write to the disk.