Iso and img files?

Hi guys.

I just recently bought this lovely little box but I have a problem with playing my DVD collection.

I’ve converted all my DVD’s til ISO files and put them on a Netgear ReadyNAS.

Now, the problem is that I can’t see the ISO or IMG files on my disc and therefor cant play them??

What have I done wrong? :slight_smile:

Regards Luri.

How are you trying to play your files, a DNLA Media Server or Windows Shares? ISO’s will only play using windows or linux shares.

Via DNLA media server as my readyNAS wont show up when I select window shares for some reason.

If readyNAS will only function as a DNLA server you’re out of luck then. You could plug your readyNAS drive into the back of the WDTV then they will play OK.

I can acces my readyNAS from my PC without a problem. I use it to backup important files and documents as well as using it as storage for media files. Only when I try to acces it via WD TV nothing shows up. Maybe some setting somewhere I need to edit?

If you try to access video files through Windows Shares can you choose READYSHARE from the list of devices?

I am sssuming that READYSHARE appears in your network devices on you PC…

When I open This Computer I get the icon for my readyNAS Duo in networkdevices.  Like this When I double click that I get acces to all the files and folders on that drive. When I select Windows Shares on WD TV then it just continously searches without finding anything?

Rather than Denne pc you need to look into Netværk further down the list in Windows explorer. you ought to see listed computers first then media devices then storage. Do you see your readyNAS under storage? If not maybe look into your documentation for the readyNAS to ensure that Windows shares are set up correctly.

Alright I see it under netværk actually but it opens a browser window for the frontend. I’m currently updating the firmware of the NAS and will try to setup some kind of guest acces with proper permissions. :slight_smile:

Will post back later with updates. Thanks for the help so far. :slight_smile:

I see that the readyNAS can use NFS which are Linux Shares. I would recommend that you enable that on your readyNAS and also on your WDTV as I found it much more stable than Window Shares.

Alright I managed to acces the NAS via window shares and can now view AND play ISO files. :slight_smile: So far so good but now I have another problem. The movies lag immensively when I play them and none of the other files do that. Any ideas what could cause that? :slight_smile:

when you say lag what exactly do you mean? Sync problems? Stuttering? With wireless that could be caused by bandwidth problems, depending on the bitrate of the file you are playing. I can successful stream 9 to 10Mbps videos wirelessly, anything higher for me will start to stutter, so you either need a cable or direct connection.

It is cabled directly to the router and it only happens with ISO files. They play a second, stop, then play a second again. This is an ISO that’s a DVD, dont know if that’s a problem.

I played a Blue Ray movie the day before yesterday flawlessly so it’s not bandwith.

Just tried again with another mkv file and it also played flawlessly. I tried to mount the iso file and copied the vob files to the NAS and it still stop/started. I tried with an img file and it does the same thing. Strange…

I wonder if you have the opportunity to convert one of the VOBs to mkv for example? If that plays OK then the streams are OK, its the container the latest firmware doesn’t like. I have seen others reporting a problem with some ISOs, similar to yours. I only use ISOs myself seldom but those I have played have played OK. It may be similar to the MP4 issue some files exhibit with the new firmware.

If the re-muxed VOB plays OK then it must be an ISO issue. Rolling back the firmware may be your final option.

I tried to copy the vob files to the NAS and experienced the same stutter. Then I converted the iso to mkv and that played without a hitch. So, I’ll start converting one at a time and live with that I think. Seems much easier. :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton for your time and help. Really appriciated. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards.