iSCSI targets have disappeared


I have the EX2 with two 6 TB drives in Raid 1 mode. I had two iSCSI partitions, one slightly less than 2 TB one about 2TB. They are gone! And I’m freaking. The instructions on the site appear to be beyond my innate capabilities as I’ve never used PUTTY and am on a windows machine.

They don’t show up on my drives, the windows initiator can’t find them, and they are not visible on the web panel under Storage, iSCSI.


Thank you for any assistance you can give.


I understand I can use WinSCP to access the images of the partitions. Do I just use the device IP address? I did, and logged in, but I don’t see anything… Any ideas?

Hello there,

Normally you would have to browse through the unit till you find the locations of the images, however, i do not know the exact location, let’s see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter

Hi, when I connect to the unit with Win SCP I don’t see anything. I am very basic in my knowledge of this. I just connect to it by putting in the IP address that shows up in explorer when I click on the icon in network under file explorer. I then connect with Win SCP like it is a site at that IP address.

Am I doing it right?

Thank you for your response.