iSCSI GUI Bug & Wasted Space

I’m trying to fully utilize a 24TB EX4 using ONLY iSCSI. Using RAID 5 the GUI reports 17.91TB free space. I initially tried to create one larger volume but it only seemed to let me do 14TB max. So I figured I’d split it in half and deleted the original 14TB volume and then created an iSCSI volume of 9TB. It then reported 8.82 TB free space. So now I’m trying to create a 8.82 TB volume, and it gives an error of “Enter a positive integer”. So the web GUI doesn’t like decimals.

So I find this thread:

So I switch over to GB and enter 8820 and it gives an error of “Please choose larger unit”.

How do I utilize that .82TB of space? Can I create it via SSH and if so what are the commands?

Hi there,

We have passed this along to support.