Is WiFi on my computer necessary?

I bought the WD My Passport Wireless Pro to be able to load my SD card from the camera to the drive when I am on the road. I have WiFi to my android phone but not the pc. I have the My Cloud app but I can´t login with the email and the password on the drive nor the password on the My Cloud Forum. I can´t login to the Dash board either.
Must I purchase a WiFi device for my PC or is there any other way to be able to use the drive as intended?


  1. The login to on the My Cloud App for Android is for My Cloud Products. remote access is not supported or used for My Passport Wireless Pro

  2. No you do not need wifi on the PC

  3. If you have a WiFi router

  • open the My Cloud mobile app on Android
  • select your My Passport Wireless Pro
  • Go to settings and choose wifi
  • Connect the My Passport Wireless Pro so your local wifi router with internet connection
  • Once connected, open a browser on your PC and type //mypassportwireless and you should be able to the LAN dashboard of the Wireless Pro using your local PC

My phone is now connected to the drive but when I type //mypassportwireless on the pc (Chrome and Edge) I just get a bunch of websites for the device.

I also tried to connect my phone to chrome internet but I can´t login to the dashboard. Same problem as with the pc. All I can see in My Cloud, My Passport on the phone is the stored files on the SD card.
All I need for this device is to copy SD card files to the drive while I´m away from all pc:s. If I must have a pc for that I might as well use the cardreader in the pc.
As I understand it I must have that Dashboard on my phone to be able to copy files from the card to the drive.
So, how do I login to the Dashboard site? I also tried that IP-adress. Should I change the Chrome settings?

In the WiFi settings on my android phone I have 2 choises. One is the password of the drive. When I connect that I can access the WD My Cloud app and the files on the SD card. NO Dashboard program though. The second choise is to use the password and name of my regular wired router. Then I reach the login to this dashboard program when I type the IP-adress or the //mypassportwireless. I don´t get logged in however. Not from the browser in the phone or the pc…

I finally managed to install the Dashboard by changing the IP-adress from to Hopefully I will stay connected there. Now the MyPassport shows up both on the pc and the phone. My large HEVC 80 Mbps files can not be played with the apps in the phone. Luckily they show up.
Thanks SBrown for the advice.