Is wd green 1 tb 64 mb cache internal hdd faster than 500 gb seagate barracuda hdd?

I am Mahendra Gadmire from India. I recently purchased Western Digital 1 TB Green Cavier Internal HDD Model WD10EARX.

I have Asus P5G41T-L-LX Motherboard which Have 4 SATA II Connectors, Operating System is Windows Vista Ultimate with DDR3 4 GB Ram. 

I want to Ask you gentalmens " IS Western Digital GREEN 1 TB 64 MB CACHE WD10EARX Model INTERNAL HDD FASTER THAN 500 GB SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.12 HDD? on my Above Computer System? Is it worth as I already purchased it???

Definitely not.

Power/eco-friendly (“green”) and performance are mutually exclusive.

I would keep the barracuda as your boot/system/programs drive and you can put data, backups on the green.

I second RoloX2’s reply.  keep the seagate as your boot drive.