Is WD Going to Extend Acronis True Image to San Disk and HGST?

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I made the mistake of buying one of the new very unserviceable HP laptops recently and it has an HGST HD. I was an HP loyalist at the time, fool that I was, and now I want to swap out the HGST and put in a San Disk just purchased but True Image will not allow its software to run on that combo. Both HGST and San Disk are WD products so they should be covered. I would appreciate knowing of other software that is NOT an ongoing annual or monthly addiction that has to be fed.


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Acronis True Image has a WD version available at our site that is free to use with WD products only. So far, WD has not released a HGST or Sandisk edition and I can’t tell you if they will or not because we don’t have that information available at this time.

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Hello Feragui,
Thanks for the info but it would be great to info to have and even better if WD did do full support of these highly popular packages. I am aware of the good sales politics of giving great support to the WD name but I have a WD My Cloud Mirror system on my 3 unit network and cannot even get True Image WD to use it. San Disk is a MAJOR player in the SSD market, which is the reason that I think WD bought the company, so full support would be a great feather in the cap for WD and I hope that you will pass that message along.

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Solved: WD has stated in version 33 of Acronis True Image WD Edition that it supports San Disk and it actually starts up so I am hopeful. I do hope that the WD team on here and the WD support people in SE Asia will read the docs as it says in the first couple of lines of the release notes in the PDF that it supports San Disk and Windows Vista through 10. I am using a San Disk 960GB in my main Win 7 system and going to have to use a trick to make sure that I can use any drive I choose. It works, as long as there is a WD or San Disk in the mix so do be informed.

Thanks go out of Feragui and Trancer for their assistance and to Alex in the WD SE Asia support group with notice of this great improvement in the WD support. There are other places in the Community Forum where I had stuck things about this so do try to forgive my lack of knowledge, just got this new data 20 minutes ago.


Progress Report for those with interest, The use of Acronis True Image (any of the 3 versions; native, Seagate Discwizard or WD Edition) is a challenge. It is to be understood that each company is trying to maximize their profits but there is a limit to giving a product that operates easily and as clearly stated. You are in for a rude surprise if you think that when starting to use Acronis! Now some facts that may help you where their documentation leads you astray.

They tell you to make a rescue media, in case things go South. Things will go South so make the media, it is the only way to get Win 10 to work that I have found. They give you data to select from 2 types so you select the “advanced” version to which they advance to the next screen to tell you that you have to buy their regular package to get that option. GOTCHA! So you have wasted time and go back. Now you select the ■■■■■ version and then you are rolling, right? WRONG! You start things off cloning and it tells you you have to ‘reboot’ and you do so. after rebooting Windows 10 tells you thing are screwed up and it tries and tries to do ‘automatic repair’, after a few attempts, it goes to major repair and gives you the option to use a repair media. I, not a genius, point it to the rescue media and, Voila,it starts to cloning your disk and sets an option to shut down the system when finished. It copies the disk, sector by sector, great! It tells you that it is going to take 8 minutes, HAH! It has be 28 minutes since it started, before I started writing this and it appears to be about half way and it now states that it has 6 more minutes to go.

This is, IMHO, a horror story. It would be so much simpler if MS arranged something to allow the OS to initialize a change of startup media, let’s face it, SSDs are the new path and even the huge 8-16TB HD are soon to be history and everyone is going to the SSDs. My 1st HD for a PC had an incredible 5MB, my first mainframe had an incredible 16MB so I know that the progression next year will be to the availability at Black Friday 2017 of a few 4TB SSD drives around $200. 2018 will see greater slides. We need MS to setup something so we can use these new capacities. I do know that MS is protecting its cash cow but …

The cloning is still going on and it now says that 4 minutes are left. Ooops, make that 3 minutes.I am a slow typist and I have typed all this while waiting. The suspense of waiting to find out if it will work is like a big boot in my stomach. Come back in 30 minutes and I will tell you how it went.

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