Is WD aware of the multiple problems?!?

I just updated and none of the problems I had were fixed (there were reported previously). They are obvious and there is NO WAY they could not reproduce them on their first try, NO WAY!

  1. In thumbnail mode, there is a folder icon in the middle of the picture.

  2. When selecting video / network share, pictures (ie folder.jpg files, obviously not  a VIDEO) are displayed.

  3. When playing a mkv and pressing the option button, the audio track is not displayed, you need to go to subtitles for example and go back to audio track to have it displayed.

I didn’t try playing vob files because I converted all of them to .iso (lost my faith in WD, waiting so long and no fix, not even an acknowldgement that they would fix it).

Thoese are simply some very obvious bugs that can be reprocuded every single time on every single device (nothing fancy and difficult to reproduced that would need specific media files or specific TV etc…) but I know there are plenty more.

Disappointed to read this post. Disappointed in general…