Is transfer of 2 disk (RAID1) directly from MyCloudEX to MyBookDuo possible?

I currently have two disks in RAID1 configuration in a My Cloud EX2 and I want to transfert those disks in a simple My Book Duo (keeping the raid1 config). Is it possible juste by transfert them or I need to do a manipulation ?

No, it’s not possible. Different device, different format, different configuration.

Thanks for the reply. How should i proceed?
Can I :
Take one disk out of the MyCloud, put it in the MyBook, configure it. Then copy from MyCloud to the MyBook and then get the second disk and formatting it in the MyBook ?

Or I need to copy all the data on external disk, then going back to zero in the MyBook ?

That should work, but it would be best to create a separate (standalone) backup of the data, because if one of the two drives fails you risk losing everything.