Is this what everyone has to put up with?


Bought WD TV Live a couple of days ago. All I wanted was to be able to watch my media files on my TV straight from my NAS without having to first transfer them to an external hard drive with a usb connection to the TV.

First impression - great! It plays most files, the gui is slow but hey.

Then I realised the frustrating things:

  1. When I power it off (standby?) after a short while it never comes back on again from pressing the remote unless I unlug the power chord and re-plug it. Seems a lot of people have this problem .

  2. Once I do that and it comes back on, it has to complie the media library again! That’s after a few cycles of turning itself on and off and saying the previous media source has been removed, select another. I then turn it off at the remote, then on again (while I still can) and it boots back to my media library, but the spinning arrow still comes on every few seconds.

  3. The tablet / phone app is only connected to the device on a wing and a prayer.

Before I get carried away with a much longer list, I’d just like to ask:

  1. Does everyone have to put up with this?

  2. Is the device not supposed to be powered off? ever??

  3. Would TVersity make the operation slicker?

  4. Or should I just forget about the TV live and stream from my Xbox using TVersity?


Problem solved. Returned the piece of junk!

Now that was easy.

Shame, because I really like mine.

Now the Roku I purchased previously I wouldn’t consider junk, but the WDLive is waaaaay better, imo.

The Netflix interface is just like the PS3 which is light years ahead of the Roku.

Also, I disabled the library function as it does take a long time to sort.  I just go to the Files menu and I can play all the files there.  Just make a folder called Movies - TV - Music and sort on the HDD before attaching to the WDLive.

And I never turn off the WDLive… no reason to, really.  The Roku doesn’t even have an on/off setting. One has to unplug it to turn it off.