Is this drive genuine or fake?

Hello I am from India and I received this drive today. I checked the serial number online and registered successfully without any issues. But the only concern was there was no WD logo at all on anywhere. It only shows Western digital title and the website below it but there was no logo. Can any one let me know whether it’s fake or genuine? If it’s fake how can it was able to register the serial number successfully?
Also can any one post the service centre address in Hyderabad? Is there any service centre in Hyderabad?
Thank you1563115917651

I don’t know about HDD sell in India, but there should be a QR scan code on the label.

Not necessarily … if you do a Google Images search you’ll see labels without QR codes and quite a bit a variance of labels depending on the region and where WD hard drives are sold.

But to put the OP at ease … if the Hard Drive was “Fake” he would not have been able to Register the Drive with WD for Warranty.

Fake WD drives do not have a valid Serial Numbers.

That is true. But for more protection, I would also check in the OS device management to see if the HDD has WD name and the model number matches on the label.

I order an exact one like that, when it arrived, i create the partitions but a few days later it stopped working and now i can’t access any files, i’m still mad about it.