Is this device for me..opinions

Hi…I am new.  I would to tell you what I have and want a device to do and maybe I can  feedback.  I own an Apple TV 2 (Black) and I like it because it plays my ITunes music and movies.  It also has Netflix and now MLB.TV which is neat to have.  The problem I have with it is that I have an external full of dvd movies (Video TS folders) and I had to buy ATV Flash and its a real pain to jailbreak it and get it to run movies.

I see the WD device will play Netflix, youtube and I see you can play dvd folders as movies when connect to it…true?  Does it offer MLB.TV? (though not a deal killer).  Can it play my ITunes music?

Also I have an Apple Airport wireless router…so the WD unit hooks up to the TV directly and then you have it “find” the router to pull stuff on the computer?

TY in advance and sorry if this is a repeat of other questions

I think no om mlbtv. I definately say no to Itunes music or movies if they are protected however not sure if you can change the protection. hope this helps

TY…MLB TV is not a big deal.  95% of my ITunes music is DMR free.  Not sure about the movies but I only have a few of them.  As long as you can play songs out of the ITunes folder is what I need to know.  What I really want the device for is DVD movies that I ripped to Video TS folders and I have them on an external.  I want to plug the external into the WD live unit and play them off that…this is does right?

As long as your movies/music are DMR free, you will be able to play then in the WD TV Live. 

The WD TV Live support DVD rips (TS files) from a USB or a Network.

Visit the link below, it have information of the capacity of each WD TV, check your options :

Also, MLB TV is not supported.

Hope it helps!!!

one final question…does it have built in wireless or does it need an adapter

I just looked.  My wireless router is an Apple Airport Extreme…I don’t see it listed.  Its not clear if the WD unit needs some sort of wireless adapter hooked up to it or that iit just picks up a signal from a wireless router

You would need an adapter thats listed on the supported list.

You could get the wd tv hub that has a wireless built in but much more expensive if you ask me. If you look at the list supported I found a good USB for about 25$ not too shabby. Sounds like you are an apple guy. Of note there may be so e tinking you have to do to get it working the way YOU want it. Apple ■■■■ just works the way they want but works right away. FYI. Mine has worked for about 2+ years without problems.

There is no Hub with built-in wireless, Dave…