Is this a normal transfer speed for MYBookWorldEdition

I just acquired a My Book World Edition 1TB today.

I copied a 2.31GB video file from the local 500GB SATA drive to WD My Book, connected on router, by using the Windows XP Windows Explorer. It took 2 minutes and 28 seconds. The speed is about 160Mbps=19MB.

The same 2.31GB file copied between two PCs on LAN was only 41 seconds.

WD My Book is a 10/100/1000 NAS. Is this speed slow compared to other NASs?

Its certainly not the fastest NAS’s on the market and yes, your transfew speeds seem about right, probably a bit faster than what I usually get over giganit lan.

19MB/s from PC to WD MyBook is very good speed (for this NAS).

I can’t get more than 13.5MB/s on my Gbit LAN.

Bottleneck of MyBook World Edition is slow CPU (only 200MHz).

Compared to some more newest models from compatitors this is very average speed.

It seems that I am lucky.

According to the chart, WD My Book Live is three times faster than My Book World . It is very tempting to spend fifty more dollars to get the My Book Live 2TB.