Is this a normal Load/Unload cycle count for wd20earx?

Hello everyone, 

This is my first experience with WD drives, and i decided to buy a new one 3 weeks ago, a Caviar Green wd20earx, so i was reading about the green drives and found out about very high load cycle counts, possibly shortening the HDD’s lifetime. i checked the S.M.A.R.T on my drive, and i wanna know if this is a normal Load cycle count in comparison with the power on time. 

Power-On time count is 172 hours

Load/Unload cycle count is 4535

if i’m right, this means the heads park approximately 26 times per hour, meaning 624 times a day, and 227760 times a year. 

Is this correct? 

also, is this normal? what is the parking rate on this specific model? 200,000? 600,000? 

I’d appreciate an answer if this is normal and how i can solve it if it isn’t. 

Thank you very much.

Hi yes that is a feature of Green drives. You can use a utility called widdle3 to change it to a max I think is 300 secs 5 min. This page explains it . 

But are those values normal? 'cause according to my calculations, 4535 parkings in 171 hours of power-on time is high for me… also, i’ve checked about that wdidle utility, but on the WD site, my model which is WD20EARX is not supported…