Is there any way to set up automatic backups from the my cloud home drive to any drive?

If not, and I manually backup all files each time, will it overwrite or skip the previous files copied? Or will it duplicate everything copied over, causing multiple copies of everything?

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

I read all of them but could not find the answer to the questions I asked!

Yes you can. See this synchronizer program, free.

Only from a client, not from the MCH. As in, on a computer you can connect to the MCH and download/sync the files to your HDD. But you cannot install anything on the MCH to do this, not even to a USB HDD plugged into the MCH.

Absolutely true regarding the MCH automation. As a ‘home’ personal cloud storage as WD called it, the MCH is limited in what it can be programmed to do. However, any automation that needed to be done could be done from a client such as a PC when it is available. In practical terms, a client just needs to be turned on for a few hours in a day for any backups to be done which is reasonable considering the backup is usually originating from the client anyway.

how will I do ?

I installed the DSynchronize application, but how do I choose the source I want to synchronize? the usb hard disk i want to back up can also be done when i connect it to the mch via usb