Is there any way to restore to factory setting? making a out of box product again?


my wd tv live hub is riddled with issues. probably it’s my bad luck. extremely extremely slow copy speed 300- 800 kbps was the ultimate nail in its coffin. now copying any thing has become virtually impossible. i can copy between my desktop and latops at normal speed both at wired & wireless connections. so i assume that my desktop is all right & problem lies on wd tv live hub’s end.

now i’ m thinking of formatting the hdd & restore all to it’s factory setting. so that it can become an out of box product again., like what we can do in case of ipod. i want to start afresh. in my country it is very rarely available. i had to wait almost one month after placing the order. please show me a way to do that. many many thanks.


Have you tried the overkill reset.

Reset via the bottom paperclip button. Press for a couple of seconds and then release with the unit fully booted up.

Reset to factory defaults via the internal menu.

Unplug from power for some minutes (not seconds)

Do all 3 one after the other.

Note: You will lose any Get Content info that you have downloaded. It should not delete any of your files.

If you want to format the hard disc then you can do that by going to the Disk Manager in the set up menu. I’m not sure how that would help.

many many thanks, i will definitely try that. i will let you know surely.