Is there any way to connect to a MYCloud Share from DOS?

In a manufacturing facility, we have 3 Lathes that are run by DOS based computers. We had a Server running MS Server 2003 and with some Policy changes, I was able to get them to Logon and map a drive to a share on the Server. We now have Server 2012 R2 and while it is setup as a workgroup server (Now Domain Services or Active Directory), with similar Policy changes, it will not map a drive to the share. If anyone knows why, please let me know.

Anyway, that being said, I was wondering if there was anyway to use our existing My Cloud EX4 for access from the DOS Lathes? I need to come up with some solution so we can take the old 2003 Server offline and repurpose it.


Hi, I’ve used net use * \\drivename\share in the command line. Actually I just tested it and I was able to remotely map a share that is hosted on a Win server 2012 r2 Standard.

What kind of policy changes did you make?

This gives me hope.:slightly_smiling:

Honestly my server is the DC however as of right now, it function more like my always on computer than a server so there was not policy that needed to be changed. I would guess that you will need to run the CMD as an admin or at least a power user in order to be able to map it.

I think you are confused. When say DOS lathes I mean they are running on MS DOS 6.22. I wish they were windows based but they are not.

Thanks for your reply.

Then Yes, I was confused. After checking a little bit more, it seems that the net command is an external command that runs on Windows 95 and up. Take a look at this and see if there is any information that can assist you.

Thanks again. I have already seen this. I had it working with MS Server 2003 so I have all the info on that.

I do thank you for your efforts.