Is there an easy way to back up multiple folders?

If I have a bunch of files all divided up into different folders e.g. Work, Leave Applications, Payslips, Receipts and so on is there a way to back up work so that all the different files and folders get backed up in one operation or do I need to make each one down to the files level and then back them up? That is create folder “Work”, create folder “Leave Applications”, create folder “Annual”, select all annual leave applications and back them up, then go up a level and create “Sick” then back those up and so on?

Hi there,

On this case, are the files on a computer or on the actual unit? In my opinion it would be better to do the files separately this way you are sure you have everything organized the way you wish.

They’re on the computer and organized how I want them. I’d like to just copy the main folder across to the unit that I just get a direct copy of my whole structure backed up i.e. personal, work, emails, restoration files and so on. Previously with an external hard drive I’d just drag and drop and it would copy the folder, sub folders and files but this one doesn’t seem to have that option instead I need to make the folders manually and then update all the files in that particular subfolder. Move up a level, create the next subfolder and update all the files in that one and so on.

I found a hard drive I can drag and drop onto but its intolerabbly slow 4mbs at max and when eveeeeeeeeeeer i’m copying it makes my keybloard do these weird thiiings whhile typing you can see heere. Gueeeeess I’ll have to ddo the create upl,oad, create upload appraoch uch just need to figureeeeeee outtttttttttt how muhc data it uses.