Is there an alternative housing I could use for my 2 6tb red dr please, helpives

I bought one of thes a couple of years ago with two 6tb red drives. It’s never really worded properly just seems to go into some sort of sleep mode which won’t be woken by the software and it seems to run really slow. Only way to get it up and running is to pull the plug but even then it goes back to sleep within 24 hours. Everyone else on here seems to have lots of problems which I also recognise. So what I was thinking, really is there another housing I could use, I really wanted it for network music library and data back up which I guess I could do using a usb housing through the pc. Could anyone suggest anything please as I’ve kind of given up the nas but am sure the drives are great and have a lot of use. Bit of a shame and am dissapointed but have had enough.

Many thanks, I got this one as I was a student and got the discount, is there a particular snap 2 bay you would suggest and what would you think about just putting them into a caddy?

Great, many thanks once again, much appreciated