Is there an alternate NVR available?

Has anyone used the POE Cameras with an alternate NVR system? Support is going to eventually stop, (i.e., app and system cr@p out) but these cameras are great for me and this community just isn’t big enough that someone would hack it with an open-source operating system and I doubt that WD would even provide source code on this system.

I thought I read the camera protocols allowed for them to be used in other systems, but I haven’t found or looked for, the documentation yet.

Edit: I came back to say that TinyCam works great with the ReadyView system (so far). I have used it on my Android phone for my Wyze Cameras and just got it to work with WD ReadyView. I don’t know the iOS equivalent as the developer only has the app available for Android.

If anyone is interested to know how it works, let me know and I’ll write something up.

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I’d be interested in the TinyCam writeup!

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Cool. I’ll get something put together in the next few days. I’ll make another reply so you get the notification.