Is there a way to make my drive "read only"?

I want to make my external drive read only .   That is I want to fix it so only I can erase the data, but other users can read the data but  not change or remove any data.  

I have use WinXP to make the file “read only” but when I attemp to remove a file it only ask if I want to remove it because it is read only.  Then it Win XP allows me to remove it.

I want to make the files to require a pass word to remove or change  and data.

Are you setup as an Administrator of the computer?

Are all of the other users “Limited” users?

As long as you don’t have everyone set up as administrators you should be able to right click the drive and change the security permissions of the users group do deny on any write/modify abilities.

I do not share the files.  I do not have any “users” .  All in the family use  different computer with the same “user”.  There is no log in screen.  Everyone is an administrator.  I do not have a network set up.  I want to use the disk to move date from one computer to the other.

If I set up a administrator on computer # 1 and move the disk to computer # 2 will the person need to same user name/password to read - change – delete the file or can anyone who is an administrator on computer #2 have these rights.

I’m not talking about sharing files, what I’m referring to is the build-in features in windows to give certain people full rights to files while restricting others to read only…

If it’s not feasible to setup different users so you can do this there might be some 3rd party software you could use, but I don’t have any suggestions…