Is There A Way To Add Custom (Internet Media) Widgets To The WD TV Live Plus?

I own a Western Digital TV Live Plus and I love using it, but is there a way to add to the (Internet Media) Widgets like Blockbuster and Netflix; either through a custom setup, or by downloading new widgets from Western Digital themselves? I would really like to be able to access streaming media sites like Vudu HD Movies, Amazon Instant Video, Metacafe, ect and picture sites like Picasa, ImageShack, ect. There is a lot of sites on the Internet that I would love to be able to access through my HDTV Live Plus. Sites that I think would complement the player very well. So is this possible? If yes, how do I go about adding them? 

I certainy agree with you and was hoping that more widgets get added. If not possible by individual user, may be through a update from WD. May be if enough users recommend some sites to WD, they can add it and allow end users to access it via a system update?

In addition to the ones you mention, I have a subscription for for watching indian channels and also willow tv for cricket matches. Watch india also has a simialr gadget, but there is no tie-up with WD. I don’t want to keep on adding players for individual subscriptions.