Is there a way to Activate SmartWare Pro?

Just wondering if anyone knows a way that I can activate SmartWare Pro ? I have an activation code and have used Pro for years. After a recent Windows reinstallation, I had to install a fresh copy of SmartWare. When I try to activate to the Pro version I get a dialog box that says “There was an error trying to validate your activation code. Please try again later.”
I’m sure this is related to WD’s end of support actions. Meanwhile, I’d like to continue using the products that I’ve invested in and that still work well. Even though WD ended their support, I feel I should still be able to activate to SmartWare Pro, using my valid code.
Does anyone know how I can activate my installed SmartWare to Pro ?

I have the installer for version and of SmartWare and I have Pro. It’s been a while since I used it but my paperwork I have on it says two activations remaining. I think the last time I installed and used it all I had to do was install and select Pro.