Is there a replacement app for WD Photos?

I get the fact that WD Photos is retired. It did not work well–especially the refresh function. I saw a lot of more pictures on my WD Cloud than WD Photos showed. No matter what I did, it could get it updated and see it on my Android phone. Now they took it away altogether. So is there a replacement app somewhere?

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Have you tried the My Cloud Mobile App?

Not even worth using MC app on your cell phone. It is so slow and very frustrating. Not a user friendly app at all.

works for me!

Isn’t it slow?
For me, it is like watching the paint dry.
If you are not having response time issues, can you share your config (e.g. smart phone model, # of pictures you have, etc.)

Solution is decent wi-fi signal strength AND always use the 5G signal. I never use 2,4G on my iPhones or iPads.