Is there a max to WD TV LIVE HD?

Hi there,
I have recently bought a new hard-disk WD Elements 5 TB and plugged it in the USB switch but it just reads:
“No media in the current folder”

Is it because 5 TB is over a “WD TV LIVE limit…”?

Or could it be because of the file system NTFS?

I’m really hoping for someone to throw me a bone here…thanks!

  1. The WDTV Live is Pretty Old … (Released 2009)

  2. You need at least Firmware 1.05.04_B which added > 2TB (without corruption)

  3. Maybe the Old WDTV Live can’t handle the Advanced 4K Format of the WD Elements 5TB

  4. All WDTV Media Players are 100% compatible with NTFS

WDTV Live Streaming (2011) can handle 5TB (according to user reports further down in this post)

I’ve personally tested the WDTV Live Hub (2010) and WDTV Media Player (2014) with WD 4TB Elements HDD (NTFS Formatted) … works fine

Seems like it probably doesn’t support 5TB so I guess I will buy the newer edition…but what guarantees are there that a new WDTV player can support 5TB? It’s a jungle to me…because some say that they even can get a 5TB to work with the old ‘Live’ edition I have so it’s not easy to know exactly where to go from here with that.

Luckily my NAS 4TB is running fine with it so I’m using that sofar but I’ve never had that connection work consistently either…