Is There a Better way to do this?

I just purchased a WD TV -Live unit , and wireless connect it to my PC ( using a USB WiFi dongle )  where my media content for watching is stored on my PC’s HDD  … this is what I have to do every time I want to use the unit to watch some thing …

  1. switch on

  2. Scroll to main menu

  3. Select settings

  4. Select network settings

  5. Select network set up

  6. Select network connection - wireless

  7. Select SSID input method - Auto search

  8. Select an avaiable wireless network - auto search

  9. Unit looks and finds a wireless network

  10. Unit finds my WiFi network ( using my USB wireless dongle ) OK

  11. Select video

  12. Select network share

  13. select my HDD on my PC - ok

  14. Connect to my HDD on my PC where my viewing content is stored .

Can some one please tell me if there’s a quicker way to do all the above


Are you saying that your player does not automatically connect to your network when switched on. What happens if you wait a while after switching on and then select network share.

after setting up your wireless network, have you selected it to be the default wireless connection?