Is there a 2 TB limit for Windows 8 64-bit?

I recently delivered a computer with a 4TB drive (WD4001FAEX).  The OS is WIndows 8 PRO 64-Bit.  The motherboard is an Intel DQ77MK.

When I checked the disk size, I found that the primary partition was 2TB.  The drive had been partitioned 2.057TB formatted as C: and 1.6TB unallocated.

How do I get the OS to recognize the entire disk as a single drive?

You should be able to boot to Windows from a larger than 2TB hard drive, but your motherboard needs to have a UEFI BIOS and the 4TB must be initialized using the GPT partition table.

I’m having trouble with my WD Black 4 TB as a 2nd drive (boot drive is an SSD).  Windows 8 will not let me convert to GPT.  My motherboard (Asus Maximus V Formula) has UEFI BIOS.  Any suggestions?  Is there any software from the WD site I need to download for my drive?  

i also have the 4tb WD drive and it has limitations. If you have an asus motherboard, you need to find disk unlocker by a google search. the program doesnt really work for me but windows disk management allows me to partition it as gpt and recieve 3725 TB all on a single partition. However, i also installed this 4tB drive as a secondary drive (the boot drive is sata II windows 7 x64 running in ahci, no uefi) and while bios will recognize its there and windows will let me partition/assign drive letter…i cant access it. the only way i can access the drive is to put it in a sata/usb dock and run esata to pc. this may be a deal breaker but I’m going to give it every shot i can to make it work out.

edit: it may have something to do with the primary drive being mbr.