Is the Factory reset working?

Hi, I just purchased a DX4000 and went through the setup process. The setup process didn’t install the dashboard on the Windows XP host I was using. It went on to the “connect this computer to the server” step. When it asked for the administrators password, I typed it in but it says it was incorrect. I decided to reset the DX4000 to its factory defaults and go through the setup again. I created the USB recovery drive, booted the DX4000 to the Recovery Started point on the LCD and then selected reformat all drives in the setup tool. The dialog on the Windows XP box has been saying Formatting the hard drives for several hours. Initially I saw the drive lights rapidly blinking blue when the formatting first started. Now only the blue power light is blinking slowly and the LCD panel says Recovery Started. The progress bar on the Windows dialog never indicated any progress and it’s just sitting there now. What I’m wondering is is the DX4000 still doing something or is it time to try something else. I ask because every install or reset process I’ve tried so far has not worked as documented and I’ve already spent 2 days trying to get the system online. I don’t want to sit here for days and the box isn’t doing anything. Thanks.

By the way, this is a 12TB DX4000.

Posting this update for others. After approximately 4 hours I finally see one progress bar in the Formatting Hard Drives dialog on the Windows XP host. I also noticed that while the individual hard drive activity lights are on steady blue (not blinking), you can feel the drive heads moving fairly rapidly if you place your hand on top of the DX4000 case. Seems a silly way to tell that something is actually happening but there you go. At this rate, I suppose the reformat will finish sometime next week.