Is new drive already formatted?

I just bought a new WD Black 500 gb internal drive. Does it come formatted, or do I need to run a quick or a full format on it? Is there a WD program I can download to do this?


yes … click on the link below.

Actually if you intend to use it for Windows you shouldn’t need to do anything other than a Custom Windows Installation. The install process for Windows will partition the drive as needed, format it and install Windows 10 fresh!

I didn’t mention it, but I’m using Windows XP. It looks like I can easily use the Format choice in Disk Management, but I’m not sure if that’s a quick format or a full format.

Can’t remember for sure, been a long time for me and XP, but I think it does the same. If I remember right it’ll partition the drive and format it too. Just not positive as it’s been so long.

Found this it should help!