Is mybook live ipv6 enabled?

I have enabled ipv6 dhcp on my router, if I plug in mybook live on it, will it automatically obtain ipv6 address?
What ever original firmware or MOD firmware, anyone has experience about it?

anybody knows about this? thx

Hello, I just registered to answer this.

Just install ‘miredo’ by executing ‘apt-get install miredo’ through SSH, and the MBL will have IPv6 internet access.

(Regardless of wether your ISP gives you an IPv6 address or not, Miredo always enables IPv6)

Is this what you need? :slight_smile:

If you only need IPv6 locally, I think it will just work if you connect the MBL.

Actually I have an native ipv6 connection and what I want is just the capability of getting ipv6 address automatically (dhcp) like the normal operation system like win7 (but not a tunnel like ipv6 through ipv4)
So I want to know whether the box mbl is already kernel module ipv6 built-in
Anyway, thx a lot for your answer

Hm, I have no native IPv6 yet, let me know when you have tested it :stuck_out_tongue:

Or can I find that out through SSH?

I think it supports IPv6 because /proc/net/if_inet6 exists…

It sounds great, I just ordered one, it should be on delivery, when I get it I’ll give a try and tell you whether it works

just got my box, and…

ping6 works 

transmission downloading  from ipv6 peers works

so my book live is native ipv6 support and it works like a charm:laughing:

thanks again for your answer