Is MyBook Essential Ruined for Forever?

I bought my MyBook Essential 2.0 TB when I had a PC and now I have a MacBook Pro. I reformatted it to be used with a Mac but then it kept asking me to enter a password every single time. When I tried to download the firmware that I apparently lost in the reformat I seem to have lost the hard drive entirely. Now, when I click when on WD Unlocker it says the drive is already unlocked but I can’t get to the drive. I try and download the firmware as was suggested but it tells me that the drive is already unlocked and I can’t seem to put it on the drive. Did I completely shoot myself in the foot? Please tell me if I should just stop trying or if there is a solution. I bought it in 2010 so it is definitely no longer under warranty.



Formatting the drive should delete the security on the drive and allow you to access it.
I recommend you try formatting the drive again following the instructions in the link below.