Is my Passport dead?

Hello, I have WD passport for about 2 years now. I have dropped it a few times a while ago, but it still worked normally for me. But since this week, my pc won’t recognize it anymore. When I plug it into my pc, I hear a few clicking and spinning. Then the fans begins to spin. Sometimes the light stays on and the other times it blinks constantly.

Sometimes, my pc does recognize it! But not the drive itselves, but it recognize the WD Smartware station.

When I go to disk management, I see the “searching for WD disk” message.

Since it’s been dropped it doesn’t sound to good. Try a different USB cable and ports and see if that makes a difference. also don’t connect with a hub.


Usually clicking hard drive = faulty drive. Take advantage that the passport is recognized sometimes and backup your files. You can also use DLG to run a test.