Is my EX2 Ultra bricked?

So i tried following the steps to reset firmware to its original version:

But when i rebooted my EX2 Ultra the power led after some seconds turns blue to yellow blinking and both HDD leds turn from blue to blinking red

Is it bricked? Is there something i could do?

I think i’m missing:

What i did was:
1.- Turn on and setup SSH
2.- Login through SSH via PuTTY
3.- Typed “sudo su”
4.- Typed “dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtdblock 1” and pressed Enter
5.- rebooted NAS

Sorry, i indeed typed “mtdblock1” , without the space.

And yes, i typed the ip address of mycloud in my browser, although i’ve read from other questions that IP might change so im looking for a way to know the actual IP of my NAS

OK i’ll post the status of my problem (life happens so it took me a while to go back to my problem)…

1.- Since i had my NAS conected via a switch i connected it directly to my modem, i then looked for the password of said modem since i had never opened its setup page
2.- Went to LAN setup and noticed “MyCloudEX2Ultra” appeared in the “attached client list” with its respective IP Address.
3.- Copied and opened the IP Address.
4.- Voala! the webpage said that my device was running in safe mode, so i downloaded OS 3 firmware and installed it.
5.- NAS is up and running, although i don’t remember my password i think hard reset will restore everything to factory-like.

Thnx for the help man c: now my NAS is back and running.

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