Is my drive is too big?

Hi there,

I just brought the WD elements 3TB to plug into my WD tv live hub for the extra storage space. When i plug it into the back of the USB port, the message comes up of:

“Any drives larger than 2TB will not be supported”.

Is my new WD elements faulty?

Also my live Hub continuously flashes when the new drive is plugged into it. What’s does the flash mean?

Please HELP - I’m not very good with computer stuff.



What version of firmware is your Hub using?   I suspect it’s rather old.

You can check this by going to SETUP / ABOUT on the Hub.

Ok thank you for the advice. I will check out the setup tonight when i get home.

I’m sure i will be back :slight_smile:


I use a 3tb Hitachi drive without issue. You need firmware of 3.17 or higher, I believe, to recognize drives larger than 2tb.

Indeed, I can conferm.

I use a HDD storage bay with 3 HDDs inside. 3TB x 2 and a 2TB. I am running the newest firmware and the hub see’s all 3 HDD’s just fine.

Just grab the newest firmware :wink: