Is my data safe if I put my 2 x HDD in new MyCloud EX2 cabinet?

My good old “My Book World Edition” with 2 x 2 TB HDD in RAID 1 broke down, so I have no contact to it.
No blinking yellow LED at the RJ45 net port.

I have bought a new cabinet “MyCloud EX2” as an empty cabinet, and just want to install my WD 2 x 2 TB HDD in this cabinet.

However, I have been told, that the “MyCloud EX2” will format the drives, and I will then loose my data.
Is this correct that I loose my data ?
Or are my data safe in the new “MyCloud EX2” ?

I have not been able to backup the data, as my PC can not see the data.
Connecting the HDD to SATA connector in PC gives disk info in Control Panel, but no visible data in the file meny.

If my HDD will be formatted in my new “MyCloud EX2”, then how do I make a backup, when Windows 7 will not see the files, due to some unknown file formatting ?

It seems strange to me, if it is so difficult to recover data, after a cabinet break down.



Unfortunately, it will not work. The WD My Cloud EX2 will need to erase the disk drives before it can use the hard drives.

If you had a RAID 1 array then try connecting one of the disk drives to a Linux-based system with EXT3 file system support.