Is my data lost?

Hi, I have a WD My Book Essential 1TB drive. Everynow and then if you moved the power cable, it would power down and start back up again. The other day, this happened again but now, it seems as all my data has been lost. The drive used to have three of the four lights on to indicate that it was more than half full (I had just over 500GB on it), now none of the lights are lit up. WD Smartware also says “No WD Smartware partition found”. I’ve tried updating the firmware and the software to the latest versions, but it’s still not back to normal. It also says that the disk space is “unallocated” when I check in Disk Manager.

Can anyone help?

If you were moving data during power loss, you could have corrupted the partition/data on the drive.  You could try and search for data recovery software and see if that helps.