Is Media Player Plus a thing of the past?

I keep running into the same problems with every major torrenting project.

Most recently I lost my TB hard drive, went and bought a new 4 TB which the media player will not read. Some forums say that the hard drive is too large for the player to detect.

A lot of times I download torrents that are also not supported by this media player.

I�m looking for a quick simple solution.

Likely I could just convert the files, and just buy a smaller hard drive but I�m starting to think that file types and technology have surpassed this delightful little piracy device.

I need a surefire means of downloading and PLAYING my torrents on either dumb or smart TVs. Am very open to suggestions.

Well, the device has nothing to do with piracy. It’s the user that does.

But you are talking about a device that’s almost eight years old, after all…