Is it possible to replace the Internal Hard Drive?

Is it possible to replace the internal HD with a new one?? 

I think mine has crashed and I bought the ******* on Ebay (first and last time). Anyone know if I need some OS drivers etc. etc??


Well, since presumably you have no entitlement under warranty, You can replace it with any WD Scorpio Blue drive. Take note, though, that the 1Tb drive WD used is slightly thicker than the standard, so you may need to shim the replacement with anti static foam. There’s no need to modify anything or load drivers.


If this doesnt work i’ll by a new one (from store), I really love it.

Thanx for the answer,

Bookmark this.  Step by step to removing the cover:


I took out the HD and formatted it in my PC Win7 (couldnt format it in the hub). Made two partitions WDTVPriv and WDTVLiveHub.

Then downgraded (rollback) it to ver 2.07, had to pull the electric cable and then start the device with the USB memory in it to get the rollback to work?!?

After this it was as new? Just upgraded it to 2.08 and everything is fine.

Great video BTW, thats exactly how i took it apart aswell.