Is it possible to password protect smb shares with WD EX4?

I’m having difficulty in password protecting public folder with smb shares. 

I’m getting this error. 


No.   It looks like You’re trying to modify permissions using Windows Security properties… You can’t do it that way on ANY NAS.   

Security configuration can only be done within the EX4’s configuration.

Ok so how can I change the share permissions within the WD EX4 ?  

You change the permissions of shares using the GUI - it is very straight forward.

If you want to change the permissions of the PUBLIC share - it is not straightforward - there is no way through the GUI to do this.  Nor can you disable the PUBLIC share.  I haven’t bothered with doing it via the command line as I have no external access through to my EX4.

Would that mean I’ll have to create a new folder to assign permissions to that folder ? 

No you create the shares you through the GUI and assign owners to them - usual user/group scheme. Very straightforward. For PUBLIC, not so.