Is it possible to have several "owner accounts" in My Cloud Home?

Hello guys! I’ve got an important question:

If you want your whole family or several people to have total access to a same device, is there a way to create “owner accounts” individually? Because right now everyone has to access using my username and password, but If i send invites for new users, they only join with a private folder for them, but not with total access, and I want my family to be able to add content, modify it and everything like me, aswell as my girlfriend.

What can we do? Is it possible that not just me has the status of “owner account” ?

Thank you!

It is not possible to have more than one device owner on a My Cloud Home.
Every user invited will have their own private user space.

I created a family account named and gave everyone the password.
Now all of my family from all over the world can add and view pictures and share things.

I also have my own private account as well of which I am the device owner