Is it possible to change my drive type without losing data?

I have a 3TB MY BOOK. I have recently synced my Dropbox to my hard drive, but other people who share files are complaining about multiple files. It seems that maybe my drive is formatted incorrectly. Does anyone know if I can create a new Share or partian the hard drive to accept different types?


Your a posting on the board for the My Book live which is a network drive.

Can you please share the model number of your drive?

Please note that you wont be able to reformat a network drive like a normal desktop unit.

If you have a network drive, you should be able to create a new share without formatting the drive

I believe this is the one I have: WDBACG0030HCH

I do see in the settings where I can create a new share, but in going through the settings nothing states what kind of drive you are setting up.