Is it Ok to safely remove HDD connected through AHCI mode?

I have recently bought 2 HDD: 1 blue and 1 green. I run my system using 2 X 500 GB blue Hdd in RAID0. I connected them to my system and their sata type AHCI mode.

When I connected them to my system they appeared like this 


I use my system 22 hours a day but I don’t use these 2 Hdd much. I know that I can hot plug them, but can I hot swap these HDDs without shortening their life span?

Please help 


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As long as the drives power down before you unplug them there shouldn’t be much issues. If the drives are still spinning then you will sure reduce their life span.

Thank you so much for your answer

The big thing is to cut power to the drive before moving it.  A Hard Drive is very delicate when it’s powered-up & operational.

Once you kill the power, then you’re fine.  Just make sure you don’t have any open files on it, or else your computer (WIndows, Ubuntu,etc) will complain loudly, and possibly corrupt said files.

Thank you so much

Your reply made it clearer to me

Now I understand 100 % 

God bless you all