Is HD Tune accurate or what?


I just opened my second of many WD Elements essentials 4TB hard drive using HDTune Pro and health current spin up time 193. Current. Worst 188. Load Cycle count 200 etc. The other ones around 4 months old showing spin up time 201.

This is the same model as the other one same place of purchase noticed the light on the front of this ones a bit bigger than the other one. Makes me think this is in a different enclusure. I hope this programs wrong or i’m thinking i have been sold referb drives or something?.

Just wondering what someone elses thoughts on this would be.


Hi unix43, the numbers you’re getting are within the safe range of spin up time. You can also try running a test using WD DLG.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows