Is data recovery possible on having 'Click of Death'?

I have a ‘1TB My Passport external hard drive’ which was working nice till last night. Now, when i connected it in the morning, it started making the ‘clicking’ sound repeatedly at the beginning and not after that.

Its not being recognised by my system. When i went to ‘disk management’…the drive is there but not initialised.

Tried everything to initialise it but no chance, showing ‘fatal hardware error’.

I Googled about this and came to know about this ‘click of death’ problem. Many people encountered this problem and couldn’t find a fix. Finally they all went for Replacement or buy a new one.

Now, me too on this verge, i just want to know whether the data could be recovered??
I have many datas on that drive, so i want it recovered. Also i didn’t created any backup till. Is there any solution?? :neutral_face:

Give a reply asap.

Usually that’s a physical problem that requires dismantling. It would be best to contact a Data Recovery company since it’s a very delicate process.