Is Backup Required on Firmware Update

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My My Book Live wants to update it’s firmware from 2.10.9 to When I click to update it tells me to backup the data first. Since it’s the only 3TB HDD that I have I don’t have space anywhere else to backup the data :).

Does it need a backup, ie is updating the firmware planning on erasing my data?

The Disk mostly works fine except it keeps disconnecting from my Network list and then refuses reaccess so I think a firmware update might be a good thing.

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Hello it is recommend to backup at least your important files in case the My Book looses energy while the firmware update happens, since this might damage the My Book. If your are not interested on the changes made by the latest firmware you can try setting a static IP for the My Book to see if this helps with the disconnection problems. Check the link below to view the release notes for the latest firmware update. 

Release Notes for Firmware 02.42.03 

It is recommend incase something goes wrong, however I’ve been through a series of firmware updates and I never backup anything up nothings happened to me yet.

Backup (2+ copies) is required all the time for irreplaceable data. Most hardware will die sooner or later, regardless of firmware upgrades or not.

Some nice and easy reading:

Pay special attention to the first paragraph under “Backup”.

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Glad I got this, now my important documents are backed up 4 time in 3 different physical places. This let’s me have 2 at home for faster throughput ;)