Is Anyone Successfully Using SmartWare on Win 10?

As I read some of the cases here I have to wonder if anyone has actually really used Smartware on a fully updated Win 10 machine. By ‘really’ I mean selected a backup plan, done a backup, confirmed that the data existed on MyCloud and managed to restore data.

The number of SmartWare issues listed even in this one forum seem to me a strong message that WD either can not or is unwilling to support this product.

Personally, I have wasted about two weeks too much attempting to make this product work. Whatever the issue, it is not trivial.

I have had Smartware on my Win 10 machines for some time but have not been happy with its reliability. I posted a question on the portal some time ago about an issue but never got a response from WD. I have basically ignored it for sometime and not touched it but have recently gone back in to check on it and confirmed that it was not doing continuous backups - at some point in time it basically stopped working. I disabled it and closed it down and then reopened it and re-enabled backups and it miraculously started backing up again - having discovered hundreds of files not previously backed up!! I have the latest version. Win 10 has been out for some time. I would concur - it feels like WD has dropped the ball on Smartware and Win 10.

I have done all that you are asking about with my Windows 10 PC’s without any problem. See example images below taken from my desktop computer. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

Your setup does appear to be working so perhaps there is hope. WD claims they will be calling me in about an hour on a ticket escalated almost a week ago. I hope they are successful.

I just noticed that in MyCloud Dashboard ‘Cloud Devices’ is zero. Is this normal or is it telling me that my laptop is not not connected to MyCloud? My phone is not using MyCloud. When I do connect it the count shows as 1.

I was able to use WD Smartware to back up my win 10 machine. I have four users on this machine. The backup files only show one user. How do I get all users files backed up?

How many devices do you have showing under Cloud Access? I have three and that is what shows under the Home tab>Cloud Devices. See image below of mine and what is showing under Cloud Access.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

My devices are my desktop, laptop and phone.

@seekingwwjd First, how is your computer set up? Do you only have the C drive?

They can back up what they want to their share by choosing it from the dropdown menu on the SmartWare Home tab.
See example image below. They then have to go to the Backup tab and perform the backup.

I have all four users on the C drive. Is it possible do one backup with all users. Each in their own folder or sung older.
I logged in as another user. First it showed category sizes appropriate for that user. When I tried to login to the My Cloud, it didn’t ask for credentials (must have used mine with admin rights. Then the left side reverted to the category sizes used on my backup. What happened? This happened multiple times.

If you do a file backup you can pick the users you want and backup the whole machine in one place. Thanks sooo much for not responding to my reply. No follow through!!!