Is anybody happy with the OS 5 upgrade?

No i`m not happy with it. full of problems and no support from WD.

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Ok I see that almost nobody is happy with OS5. Me too. Anybody knows if there is a way to go back to OS3?
Thank for your attention

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. There are several past discussions in the OS5 subforum on how to roll back various My Cloud models to the OS3 firmware.

I updated two months ago. nothing works anymore. I no longer have access to the Cloud. Everything hangs after 5 minutes. It is scandalous the lack of seriousness of WD. It is impossible for me to recover my data on MyCloud. Run away from this update. WD’s maintenance department is not responding or unwilling to respond.

I am very happy with OS5.
Finally cloud access is working. I can invite people to read/write files on their own share. The app is nice. I am glad I made the upgrade from OS3 to 5.

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Some more info:
MyCloud Single Bay
is: 5.13.115

huh. . . . a rare success story for the single bay units.

More than a few were bricked by the upgrade process (well; I suspect they were done in by the indexing that comes after the upgrade.

only upgrade if you DONT want to access and copy between folders across multiple shares/users. This was a primary function and for reasons unknown it has been removed

I expected to buy a simple straight forward NAS for safety backups.
No need for the online functionality. I was really surprised the device has no off button.

After the upgrade our MyCloud reports hardware errors.
Reading this forum I realized my experiences with the device are common…

Really regretting the purchase.

Os 5 Trashed two drives, even with the sneaky Microsoft patch. I will not consider buying any WD Cloud products in future.


I am deeply disappointed. After summer I will migrate to Synology.

In the “dashboard”; under “System\utilites”; you will find “Hiberante and Reboot” options.

Hibernate = off.
Reboot = reboot.

Note: If you “Hibernate” and the device remains plugged in; it will power up the next time the power on the source cycles. (i.e power dip or power failure)

(and yes. . .this does seem rather odd)

I’m also never going to buy any WD products in the future.

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I recently upgraded to OS5 from 3 and have some concerns / questions.

From what I can see:

  • To access my data via the OS app it is now via a cloud type server? With OS3 I seem to remember having local access via wifi, then if I was via internet (off wifi / away from the house), I could logon the the hard drive direct.

  • if I want to backup my phone, again I am via a cloud server and could potentially need to pay for data?

Not sure if I have this correct, but reading the above posts there is mention of:

  • now giving WD access to data.
  • and potential increased security risk etc.

The reason I purchased the drive in the first place was to have local storage of my data, otherwise I would use a cloud service.

With that in mind I have not read the T&C’s and have no idea what I have agreed to and where my data may be.

Any input would be appreciated to help me understand.

On a final note I am seriously thinking of going with a different solution, and before I do I would like to know where my data may be