Is ANY WD software compatible with Mountain Lion?

I have an older WD My Book Studion. It has been running (and still does) on an older Mac Mini which cannot be upgraded past Snow Leopard (i.e. it cannot run Lion or Mountain Lion.)

I have just acquired a new Mac Mini which is running Mountain Lion.  When I plug the WD My Book into the new Mac Mini, the Finder recognizes it with no problem. However, I have yet to find any WD software which will install on Mountain Lion.

The installers on the Virtual CD all go into infinite loops, and permanently running “barber poles” – and never come up with a time to completion estimate.

I copy the WD to my desktop. It launches. I click on “Setup Drive”; select my computer; answer the authentication — then nothing happens. At that point, 

Looking at the Console app, I find: "Cannot make directory /Library/Applicaiton Support/WDSmartware/

So, clearly, even though the program asks for authentication, it does NOT utilize that authentication.

So I use and create the “WDSmartware” directory making it rwx for everyone – the install completes – 

then BOOM …  Kermel Protection failure. … 

There is clearly no issue with the drive or cableing – I can switch it back to the old Mac Mini and everything works as it always has. 

Not sure if it has been or when it will be updated for this OS

why don’t you use Time Machine?

It’s a far superior application for backup

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Thanks – That’s what I was afraid of…

I do use Time Machine. (And Disk Utility for formatting.)

What I was hoping for were the drive monitoring capabilities. 

It turns out that there is an updated version… I got a response to the ticket I filed…

WD Product Update

Mac release 1.3.4.x  (updated 7/26/2012)