Is 15 MiB/s normal?

So after a lot of messing around and getting streaming services to work, sharing folders with users on the same network, I am still stump on solving the slow speed on uploads to the drive over the internet.

When uploading a file (no matter the size) though the router wifi to the WD my cloud home device I’m getting around 15 MiB/s upload speed.

After checking the cable, RJ45/Cat5e, checking the routers wifi speed is 5 GHz (802.11ac) 210 Mbps - 1 G

So I should be getting faster than 15MiB/s upload Speed.
With the current setup I should be looking at around 100 to 112 MiB/s upload speed.

Are you talking about Mbps or MBps?

Mbps (Megabits Per Second) Definition (

Megabyte Definition (

The working out are all based on data speed which is measured in megabits per second.